Acacia Fraternity is constantly seeking the best and brightest men at Iowa State for membership. Most of our recruitment process takes place during the summer, but we always welcome recruits. Acacia seeks men who have the potential to excel academically during their college careers, who will strive to be active in campus and fraternity activities, and who give back to their community by exemplifying our motto of "Human Service." Each semester, the fraternities at Iowa State are ranked based on their house grade point average; we have been ranked number one of all fraternities seventeen of the past twenty-one semesters. In Spring 2014 we achieved a house G.P.A. of 3.48, which is .40 above the all Greek average and .48 above the university undergraduate average. Our new member G.P.A. for the Spring 2014 pledge class was 3.65. This is something we take great pride in and in order to maintain this record, our recruitment process is very selective and we see it as a mark of achievement to be considered as a member of our Fraternity.

Recruitment Chairs

We have two Recruitment Chairs who are elected each year. They are responsible for seeking out men who they think would be a good fit for Acacia. This year's Recruitment Chairs are Brendan Zimmerman and Carter Reed. Our Recruitment Chairs are always open to your questions, so if you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact them. Our Recruitment Chairs live at the chapter house over the summer and carry out the recruiting process. They make hundreds of phone calls and travel all across the Midwest to find recruits who they will make good Acacians. However, they always appreciate it when recruits get in contact with them and express their interest. So if you are interested in Acacia, or simply would like to get some more information, please feel free to call Brendan at (815) 250-3803 or Carter at (319)850-7281.

Rush Process

Rush is the process of joining a fraternity and here at Iowa State, it takes place over the summer. As a high school senior, you should begin to think about whether or not joining a fraternity is right for you. The decision is not one to take lightly, as it can change your life. If you would like to schedule a visit to Acacia and come and see what our house is like, simply call our Recruitment Chairs and they will arrange a time when you can come visit.

A great opportunity to come and experience Greek life for a weekend is Greek Visit Day. This all-dry event takes place on April 5th and April 6th this spring. This weekend is filled with many activities that showcase what Greek life can provide a student such as leadership, philanthropy, friendship, and academics. High school seniors spend the night in various Greek houses and can meet the guys that live there. When you register, you can select which house you would like to stay at, so be sure to preference Acacia.

After Greek Visit Day the informal rush process begins. Chapter's Recruitment Chairs seek out individuals whom they feel would fit their fraternity. Potential new members (PNMs) will be called and invited to come and visit the houses over Orientation in June at their convenience. Once initial contact is made with a rushee, the Recruitment Chairs will decide whether a favorable impression was made. If so, the PNM will be invited out to dinner or a variety of other small events that the chapters put on. Eventually, if a positive relationship is formed, and the chapter feels like the PNM would be a good addition, a formal bid card is extended to the PNM. At that point, the PNM can decide whether to sign the card and become a member of that fraternity, or to decline the bid. Typically, our recruitment efforts are completed before August. Because we are a smaller sized fraternity, we only have to recruit a small number of men each semester, so we can be highly selective.

Typically, most of our freshmen class lives in house, but we do offer them the option of living in the Residence Halls. While we encourage as many members as we can fit to live in the chapter house, the open spots fill on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner a PNM makes a decision, the better. 

Register for Greek Visit Day

Brendan Zimmerman Email:

Phone: 815-250-3803

Carter Reed Email: