About Us

Cyclone Business Jet is an organization made up of mainly undergraduate engineers and a growing number of business and design majors working to design and build a 10-passenger business jet airplane. The goal of Cyclone Business Jet is to apply classroom acquired skills to a real life problem with a finished product in mind.

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The Aircraft

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Latest News

The new semester is already rolling ahead with plenty of projects. CBJ will be presenting to I-Week March 8th and Des Moines area high schoolers in the coming weeks.
Congratulations team, a full week has been granted in the AABL Wind Tunnel! Testing will begin the week after Thanksgiving Break.
The 2011 school year is under way and we welcome the new students. Work on the new wind tunnel mount and plans for the tail are well on their way.
The website has undergone a major coding and cosmetic update including revised copyrights, groups pages, page headers, etc.
A functioning flash photo gallery has been added to the website as well as updated news feeds for the Aerodynamics and Structures pages.