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This is an organization that provides students with opportunities to learn about current scientific research being conducted on campus. Genetics Club creates a social and academic environment for students to interact with others interested in the field of genetics.

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Membership Requirements

Membership is open to any currently enrolled ISU student who has an interest in genetics. Membership restrictions include undergraduate classification at Iowa State University. Students may become a member by paying dues (checks payable to Genetics Club) which help cover the cost of pizza and soda at meetings.

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Club Information

The Genetics Club meets about once a month on a yet to be determined date. Generally, meetings include presentations by current Iowa State University research professors and graduate students.Elections for officer positions are held during the fall semester for the following academic year.

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Undergraduate Genetics

Genetics is the study of heredity at various levels from molecules to populations. As a discipline, genetics occupies a pivotal position in modern biology; its understanding is essential for any serious student of life sciences. Outside of academia, genetics touches many everyday aspects of human life.

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