Cyclone Amateur Radio Club

What is Amateur Radio to You?

With so many diverse interests and activities, Amateur Radio has something for everyone!


Amateur radio is a great place to find out all about wireless technology and experiment with new ways to use the frequency spectrum.

Amateur radio was crucial to the development of much of the wireless technology we enjoy in our everyday lives!

Emergency Communications

Amateur radio works when other modes of communication break down, which they nearly always do in a disaster situation. Emergency communications by amateur operators ensure that relief and emergency care messages get through, no matter what.


Become a part of the global "ham radio" community and talk with stations from all over the world directly over the air. Many awards and social activities exist for this diverse group of artists, factory workers, politicians, and people from nearly every walk of life who enjoy this hobby.

The Club

The Cyclone Amateur Radio Club is a group of Iowa State University students, faculty, and staff sharing a common interest in Amateur Radio. The purpose of the club is to promote Amateur Radio through information sharing, technical exploration, and community involvement.

Membership in our club is open to all ISU students, faculty and staff, as well as members of their immediate family. We provide a club "shack" in Friley Hall for use by our members. The club room is furnished with equipment for use by licensed Amateur Radio operators.

Please feel free to contact the club at any time if you have any questions or if you would like more information about the club or Amateur Radio in general.

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Mailing Address:
Cyclone Amateur Radio Club
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