Cambridge, IA
Cambridge is the beginning of our coverage on the south side of the Spine Line. Cambridge is the former junction between the Milwaukee Road's Omaha Line and the Rock Island's Short Line. The best location is on the south side of town at the north end of the siding. The abutments for the Milwaukee bridge still exist. The Milwaukee Road used to cross at grade before the bridge was installed. The grain elevator used to be served by rail as evidence by the existing but unused spur and yard tracks.

Getting to Cambridge, IA
To get to Cambridge, IA take U.S. 30 east, go about two miles east and make a right onto 580th St. and go south about six miles. Make a left onto 4th St. and then a right onto Race St. Race St. turns left into Center St. and then swings right onto Vine St./585th St. An elevator and the railroad should be on you left. Make a left on 320th St.

UP 5954 between the abutments of the former Milwaukee Road bridge heading south.


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