Barker Brigade Lawn Chair Drill Team


The Barker Brigade Lawn Chair Drill Team has been marching on the Iowa State campus' annual parades for just under two decades (approx. 18 years).  The group was rumored to have started as a peaceful protest to the war in Vietnam; rather than marching with rifles, the protestors took up their now old-fashioned metal lawn chairs with the woven seats and chanted their way down the streets of Ames.

Today's lawn chair drill team is composed of the residents of Barker House.  Twice a year, during Homecoming and VEISHEA, the members dress up in the most un-uniform uniforms that can be found (from male Brittany Spears look-alikes to outfits that even rodeo clowns wouldn't be caught in) and march their well-choreographed routine throughout the parade route.  The performance is complete with synchronized spins, sits, and chair clicks, and often also includes a round of the Hokey Pokey and even a "nap"!  The protesting chants, led by the "Fearless Leader" (usually the member of the brigade with the most experience), are now themed after the ever-rising costs of higher education.    

Vilsack, 3-4! We're Poor, 3-4!
Governor, governor
Please help me!
Tuition's high
And books ain't free!
We're from Barker!
The Lawn Chair Brigade!
We don't like to study
And we need financial aid!

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