History of RSSA

The Russian Speaking Student Association was founded in 2000 by a group of Russian speaking students at Iowa State University. The first president of this organization was Pavel Lotkov. He was assisted by Alex Baron, Ksenia Kiseleva, and Sveta Chigaeva. The main purpose of this organization has always been creating a warm atmosphere for students and families from the former Soviet Union. The second president of RSSA was Ruben Aydinyan. From 2001 till the beginning of 2003 he was teamed with Mira Nurmakhanova (as vice president) and Vahagn Asatryan (as treasurer). In Spring 2003 he was reelected, this time together with Marina Miroumian as vice president and Svitlana Zbarska as treasurer.

In the Fall of 2004 Diliara Iassonova took the lead as RSSA president. A year later, Cochran Maria served as an interim president for several months followed by a new team of Natalia Rogovska, Ludmila Rizshsky, and Igor Eshenko as president, vice president and treasurer, respectivly.

As the name suggests, this organization is not intended for Russians only. It is open to all students and their families at ISU that are able to communicate in Russian. Among the activities of RSSA are organization of meetings and get-togethers, the Fall Picnic to greet the newcomers, celebration of important dates, e.g. March 8 (the International Women's Day), New Year's Day, etc., organizing trips to different cultural venues of the US with a purpose of introducing the American culture to our members.