Resolve for a progressive India ...  


Sankalp is a non-profit volunteer organization formed by the students of

Iowa State University to help improve the socio-economic conditions of the poorer sections of the society in India.

To promote development, Sankalp has a three pronged approach:

  • Create awareness in local and non-local communities about the problems of illiteracy and other related issues in India.
  • Sponsor and nurture projects in India on a sustainable basis.
  • Create awareness about the work done by various organizations in India and in the US to tackle this problem. Effectively network and collaborate with other such organizations.

One of Sankalp's goal is to support and empower the illiterate and the poor with literacy, so that they get a chance to break away from their current situation and give them an oppurtunity to affect positive changes in their life.

Through a number of volunteer activities volunteering in football games, cultural and food events, lawn mowing and gardening etc, Sankalp raises funds that is used to fund projects taken up by NGOs in India.

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Sankalp is partially funded by Government of the Student Body at Iowa State University