Early Spring Update

As always, everyone will be getting the niche to head to the lake once we have a few 60 degree days. The snow will melt quickly and the lake will be thawed before you know it. The young ISU team will be looing forward to the upcoming spring season to show what they got. Also, the team is excited for any new members to start learning the ways of the Cyclone Water Ski Team. Let's have a great year of water skiing and show the Midwest what we're all about.

Article written by Anthony Campbell


NCWSA Male Outstanding Leader of the Year

From all of us in the Iowa State Waterski Club we would like to congradulate Matthew 'Dad' Knafla on winning the NCWSA Male Outstading Leader of the Year award. We can't thank Matthew enough for all the hard work he puts forth and for the dedication to his team and his fellow teammates.


Fall Season Summary

The past fall season was filled with lots of excitement for the ISU water skiers. The 2010 team was led by a strong group of seniors and some outstanding performers. The searson started out with a fun tournament in Waterloo, IA hosted by the Hawkeyes. ISU claimed 2nd place behind a strong Wisconsin Madison team.

Following the Waterloo tournament, Iowa State hosted the Ski Wars on September 19th. The weekend was a chilly one but there were still some great performances. ISU was able to close the gap on Madison but didn't have enough to secure the top spot.

The Great Plains Championships in Wilmington, Illinois was next on the schedule and again ISU finished in 2nd place with Madison still in the top spot.

After the Conference tournament in Wilmington, the Cyclones traveled to Decature, Illinois for the Midwest Regional Tournament. Unfortunately, the scores at the end of the weekend didn't reflect the efforts put in by Iowa State. It was an exciting tournament all the way to the final jump and in the end ISU finished 6th place, qualifying the team for the mock tournament on the following Monday night. ISU was able to win them mock tournament and qualify the team for DIvision II Nationals.

Nationals we held in Buda, Texas at the Austin Aquaplex. ISU finished in 3rd place.

Article written by Anthony Campbell


Tournament Results

Over the past few weeks a number of Iowa State water skiers competed in two collegiate tournaments. These two tournaments were the Hawkeye Hypothermia Tounament hosted by University of Iowa and the Scott Coley Memorial Tournament hosted by University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse. To see the results of these tournaments click on their corresponding links.


Web Update!

A few new videos have been added to the videos page and two new albums have been added to the pictures page. Make sure to check them out.


Jayna Trotzig Memorial Tournament Wrap Up 2010

Early Saturday morning, the Great Plaines Kicked off their first spring tournament of the 2010 season with Men’s Slalom.  For being so early in the year we saw some outstanding short line skiing. Skiing deep into 28 off Paul Tierney from Missouri State placed 3rd, in Second Tyler Lorenz from Madison ran 1.5 at an impressive 32 off, bring home the gold from Iowa State Matt Knafla skied 3 at 32 off.  Next we moved on to the lovely women’s slalom event, with three women running a complete pass. Maddy Baldwin of the University of Iowa just squeaking by took first with 2 buoys at 32 mph, coming in second place from Missouri State was Jordan Dutro with 1.5 buoys at 32 mph, and rounding out the top three was Stephanie Elhoffer with a half buoy at 32 mph. As the day went on the temperature kept rising and the winds surprisingly stayed calm, making this by far the nicest Iowa State spring tournament ever. It was so nice that there was a hand full of skiers taking lake showers, a very rare sight, reserved for fall weather. Men’s trick made for an exciting event with the top three guys tricking over 1000 points. Placing in third was Dan Shuman from Iowa State with 1120 points, taking second place from Iowa State with 1890 points was Matt Knafla, and placing first with an impressive 2780 points was Tyler Lorenz form UW- Madison.  Moving onto women’s trick, in a three way tie for second place with 410 points was Lauren Sprenger from Madison, Jemma Wahl from UW- La Crosse, and Stephanie Elhoffer from Missouri State. Since time permitted we were able to start and finish women’s Jump on Saturday evening. Leaping 48 feet from Missouri State was Jordan Dutro who placed third, coming in second place with 50 feet was Lauren Sprenger from Madison, and Maddy Baldwin yet again taking first place jumped 63 feet. Saturday night made for an exciting night celebrating a wide variety of holidays from Christmas to Earth Day. Men’s jump rounded out the tournament bright and early Sunday morning. Placing in third place was Paul Tierney form Missouri State with a jump of 97 feet, taking home second place from Iowa State was Paul Ogren with a 119 foot Jump, and Tyler Lorenz with a boot of 139 feet placed first. Yet again another first for the Jayna Trotzig Memorial Tournament, Iowa State did not win the tournament but placed third overall. Taking second place overall was UW- Stout and with a safe margin of victory was the Badgers of UW- Madison.


Website Update 2010

Hey everybody! The ball is finally rolling on updating the website. Be sure to let Gerks and I know of any suggestions for the site and dont forget to occasionally check back to see what's been done. Ski On!


Midwest Regionals 2008

Everyone expected the 2008 Midwest Regional Championship to be a tight race, and it turns out that they were right. With the top teams battling each other through 3 different events, both men’s and women’s, the competition was a close one.

The tournament kicked off with the slalom event. The women skied first and showed the region that Iowa State was a serious competitor for nationals. Three of Iowa State’s girls ran passes including Amye Clausen, Kelly Borns, and Maggie Tierney. Tierney was last of the group and got second in the women’s slalom event with half a buoy at 28 feet off the line, 34 MPH, a personal best. Men’s slalom was next and the Cyclone men also showed that they were serious. With sophomore Matt Knafla finishing second in the event with a score of two buoys at 35 feet of the line, 36 MPH. The Cyclones finished 2
nd overall in slalom.

The trick event was held on Saturday which ended in a disappointing finish for the cyclones at 5
th in the event, but next was jump which they knew could bring them back.

The Cyclone women had four of their girls landing jumps, an outstanding feat for the team. Iowa State’s own Maggie Tierney again landed herself on the podium in 3
rd with a leap of 76 feet. The tournament ended with Men’s jump and it was an event for the record books. With 18 men jumping over 100 feet, the competition was tight, although the Iowa State men proved they could handle it. Four of the Cyclone men jumped over 90 feet and Paul Ogren ended in 3rd, soaring to a distance of 137 feet.

With the tournament all done, the cyclones ended up in 3
rd place overall, earning a spot to the Division 1 Collegiate Nationals in Phoenix Arizona. This is the third time in the clubs history of 22 years that they have made it to nationals. They also went to Division 1 Nationals in 2004 and 2005.