Friley hall house cabinet.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

File ChamberlainHouseConstitution.docx
Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 7
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Residents of Chamberlain House
Allowed Officers Elected Cabinet Members
Membership Qualifications Must be a resident of Chamberlain House to be part of the student organization. Must meet the officer requirements outlined in the house constitution to become an officer.
Membership Restrictions Must meet the above qualifications in order to be part of the organization.
Elections/Selection Elections are held at the beginning of each year. At the start of spring semester, all open positions will be elected.
Meetings Time to be determined by the house cabinet and/or the CA. All residents will be informed by email of times, dates, and locations for house meetings and events.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Meetings will cover officer reports, CA announcements, and time for open discussion/questions.

Description of Special Events

Special events may be planned using house funds or funds obtained through the Department of Residence LLL model.