The purpose of Leaders in Education and Diversity (ILEAD) is (1) focused on the advocacy for and preparation of diverse future educators. (2) To promote excellence and innovation in education and learning for all. (3) To provide additional professional development in the education field and interaction with other diverse current and future educators at Iowa State University and beyond. (4) To promote diversity and help establish a multi-cultural atmosphere in education. Students interested in the areas of Education focusing on Early Childhood, Family and Consumer Science, Elementary, Agriculture, Secondary Education (Middle or High school), Youth Development and or Diversity Equity and Inclusion Education are encouraged to join us. ILEAD was created for individuals with an interest in education. ILEAD strives to focus on networking within the education field to provide members with professional development and professional relationships. This organization is focused on teacher preparedness and addressing challenging issues in todays classrooms. Along with networking and professional development ILEAD also focuses on community service and collaboration. ILEAD seeks to work with other student organizations and professional organizations in collaboration with events. ILEAD addresses topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion in education and ways to prepare for a multicultural classroom.

Fall 2020 Meetings 

We will be meeting on Thursdays 09/17, 10/15, and 11/05 from 6:30-7:30 pm. Virtually; links will be posted closer to meeting dates. 

Topics covered this semester

September: Welcome

October: Virtual Learning 

November: Lack of equitable access to education

In between: PRAXIS, PPAT, any other questions about being in Education