Sports Analytics Club's goal is to bring together students with an interest in sports and to answer sports related questions with statistical evidence. The club will not only introduce many students to the general topic but to also more in depth concepts to discover new ways of looking at sports.

Major Club Events for Fall 2020:

September 9:  Jose Reyes (ISU Volleyball)

September 23:  DS Workshop 1 (Sports Betting Techniques, Fantasy Metrics)

                            308 ELINGS HALL - CLASSROOM

September 30:  DS Workshop 2 (Intro to R, fitting linear models, anova)

                            308 ELINGS HALL - CLASSROOM

October 7:  Michael Czahor (Philadelphia Phillies)

October 21:  Dennis Lock (Buffalo Bills)

November 4:  Randy Wehofer (Iowa Cubs)

Noverber 21:  Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting ( )