Multicultural Music & Performing Arts


The Forum is meant to resemble that of a dance studio in the real world, where students can sign up to be teachers of their respective dance style. These can include hip hop, contemporary, breaking, and any other relevant dance styles students may have to offer. They will be taught at all levels so no dance experience is required, however, it is recommended for the advanced classes. Members may attend workshops at their leisure, and there is no long term commitment. This club is meant to build dance retention and develop your skills as a dancer overall. Students are free to take classes just for fun or can take harder classes for training purposes. The intention behind the name is to show that we are a place where dancers of all different styles can come together to create something unique.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 24
ISU Members 8
Non-ISU Members 2
Allowed Members Any Iowa State Student or person over the age of 18 may join. No dance experience is required.
Allowed Officers Any member may become an officer. A member must have served on the board previously to apply for President.
Membership Qualifications Any Iowa State Student or person over the age of 18 may join. No dance experience is required.
Membership Restrictions All participants must sign a waiver, as the activities will be physically intense and may pose a risk for injury.
Elections/Selection Election of board: The officers of The Forum will be referred to as “the board”. Election of the board will be done through a general election from the club members. Applications for board positions will be accepted in the first week of March. Members interested in obtaining a board position will fill out an application and attend an informal interview with the board. If they have the appropriate skills and experience, they will be added to the ballot. Applicants will have a week to “campaign” to the populous, in which they may give short 5 minute spiels at the beginning of each day's activities. This campaign week will be the first week of April, and will end with the election day. To apply to be President, you must have held a board position in the past. To apply for any other position, you must have been in the club for at least one semester in the past. The term of service for each member is one year. Selection of teachers: At the beginning of the semester, students can apply to be a teacher at the studio by filling out an application and sending in a sample video. The teachers will be selected by the board and approved by the President. Teachers will be given a regular weekly time slot to teach 1 hour workshops. Teachers will be selected on a networking basis, similar to how studios are run in the real world. Students wishing to become a regular teacher at The Forum can talk to current teachers and board members to express their interest. In the event that a teacher cannot make it to his or her regularly scheduled workshop, he or she may reach out to a student who has previously expressed interest in being a teacher to substitute for that week. Students who have subbed in the past are more likely to get selected as permanent teachers in the future. Workshop categories may include: beginner hip hop, advanced hip hop, beginner contemporary, advanced contemporary, beginner breaking, advanced breaking, and any other dance styles that may be relevant. If a teacher cannot fulfill their commitment to their time slot, a replacement will be selected from the previous applicant pool. Outside teachers may be invited to teach special workshops and will be compensated appropriately.
Meetings General body meetings are made up of workshops throughout the week.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Regular workshops take place throughout the week. These can be hip hop, contemporary, jazz, breaking, or whatever other styles students have to offer. A workshops of learning a couple 8 counts, practicing it for a short period, and then doing small group displays.

Description of Special Events

Special Workshops: When professional dancers are invited to teach workshops.