The current meeting time and location is every other Monday at 7 PM in Carver Hall room 268! Our next meeting is set for Monday, the 27th of September!



Students for 2A is an organization for the promotion and education of our rights protected under the second amendment of the US constitution as well as the principles of the NRA (National Rifle Association). Right now, there is a culture war against the second amendment, which is why we need to train the best ambassadors for the second amendment that Iowa State University has to offer. This includes, though it is certainly not limited to training members to offer a pro-gun perspective in relevant debates, lobbying for pro-gun legislation, and education on the safe handling and practical applications of firearms in our era. Most importantly, we are building a community where like-minded people can network, exchange experiences and ideas, advocate together, and ultimately ensure that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.



Useful Links Used in Past Presentations:

NRA-ILA Library of National Firearm Laws

NRA-ILA Publication on Iowa Firearm Laws

FBI: Weapons Used in Homicides Across the USA in 2015-2019

2016 DOJ Study on How Criminals Acquire Weapons (See Table 5 on Page 7)

"The Right to Code and Share Arms" by Josh Blackman

CTRL+Pew Website (This was a source in a presentation, and his Twitter account is completely beyond our control, ahem, Ames Tribune...)

Our favorite response to the March 2021 controversy...


Federal Laws, State Laws, and University Policies:

Title 18 USC Chapter 44 (Federal Firearm Laws)

Iowa Legal Code § 702 (Section 7 defines a "dangerous weapon")§ 704 (Use of Force), and § 724 (General Weapons Laws)

Iowa State University Weapons Policy and Iowa Regent University Uniform Rules of Personal Conduct

(Please note, we are not lawyers, and we are not offering legal advice.)