Guidelines for Participating Teams

Participants need to use team-specific repository to check-in code on Gitlab. 
The code has to be checked into the repository every two hours. 
Participants are allowed to leave the building and enter at any time during the event.
You are restricted to using the rooms allotted for the event while working.
An optional presentation of your work will start at 4:30 pm on March 29th in Room 223.
A panel of Judges will be awarding First, Second, Third and an Honorary mention depending upon the presentations made.
If you have any questions during the event, come and see us at Room 216 or email us at 
Please note that the organizers are not responsible for making accommodations for any special hardware that you may require to complete your activity. Also, please keep in mind that we are encouraging the solutions to be more software-oriented than hardware.

Code of Conduct

You are not allowed to use or duplicate code from other sources without adequately crediting the original author. Plagiarizing content from sources without consent or appropriate credits may result in disqualification if identified and proven. 
Participants are discouraged from using code already submitted in prior hackathons or written prior to the start of this event. 
Participants are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards all individuals present on-premises during the event. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful by others will be dealt with strict action.
It is every team’s responsibility to maintain harmony and professionalism when collaborating with their team-mates or while interacting with other groups.

Any disruptive behavior should be brought to the organizer’s notice. We would like to encourage a welcoming community, where everyone contributes and learns. Happy Hacking!!