Bed of Bags is a volunteer organization that collects plastic bags and weaves them into mats for the homeless. People with all levels of skill are invited, crocheting skills are not needed. Please reach out if you would like to organize a collection or a Bed of Bags-led event for your organization!

News & Announcements

February 8, 2021

Future of Bed of Bags

Hello all!

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to dissolve the Bed of Bags Club. While we have enjoyed working with everyone and creating positive change in our community, we do not see the club succeeding after this semester. Please reach out to with any questions you may have!

ADDITIONALLY: if you are looking for a place to give your bags, please look at Walmart, Hyvee, Target, or google "recycling plastic bags"! 

with love,

Ahna Lassegard (President)