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The fundamental purpose of “Buddhism for Peace” is to help students unlock their hidden potential and achieve creative harmony with their environment through the philosophy and practice of Nichiren Buddhism in the SGI-USA. Nichiren Buddhism is the study of the Lotus Sutra based teachings of a 13th-century Japanese Buddhist priest. Including concepts such as the Ten Worlds, chanting “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”, and doing our own human revolution to attain a state of Buddhahood in this lifetime. This is the ultimate expression of individual empowerment-that each student can transform the inevitable challenges of daily life into sources of growth and fulfillment and become a positive influence in his or her school, workplace, family and community. By promoting an understanding of how Nichiren Buddhism can be applied to the challenges of modern living, our activities contribute to the development of peace, culture and education within society, inspire respect for cultural diversity and human rights, and encourage the protection of nature and the environment.