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The built environment can be regarded as the backdrop to social life, and it is within this environment that the scope of human activity is procured and in form realized. The built environment is in so much a manifestation of societal being as it is a determinant; it is seeded, it is enduring, and it is consequential. The central aspiration of the CBE is to cultivate an enhanced understanding of the built environment beyond a disciplinary focus. While the expertise developed by discipline becomes essential in its own capacity, it must be situated in the complex dialogue that is a multi-dimensional framework for interpreting the construction, maintenance, and impacts of a highly articulated circumambience. The CBE will draw from a broad membership in order to further this understanding while simultaneously developing the knowledge attained to propose innovative, wholistic solutions to perennial problems surrounding the built environment. In the assemblage of diversified interests, common themes will emerge to transcend traditional modes of thought. Students will receive a platform for interdisciplinary engagement, collaboration, and networking. Featured Initiatives Annual CBE Report and Status of the Built Environment Case Study Analysis and Prospective Proposals Community Service Projects and Interventions Preparation of a Pilot K-12 Summer Education Program Professional Development and Diversified Education Featured Topics Green Technologies and Environmental Sustainability Slum Conditions and Informal Settlements Urban Blight, Urban Decay, and Urban Sprawl Nature of Socio-Economic Spatial Dimensions Adaptive Re-Use and Treatment of the Post Industrial Disaster Mitigation and Disaster Relief Solutions Real Estate Development and Project Financing Environmental Theory and Consulting Practices