Collegiate Recovery at Iowa State University is an organization for students in recovery or students seeking recovery from issues such as substance use, gambling, disordered eating, gaming, and more. It is an organization dedicated to peer connection, building community, planning social opportunities, and spreading awareness of college student recovery on campus.

All Pathways to Recovery are welcome!


About Collegiate Recovery Student Organization Meetings


Collegiate Recovery is a recognized student organization with Iowa State University and is one component of the overall Collegiate Recovery Community.  

The focus of the student organization is to build community among students in recovery, students seeking recovery, students who have a friend or loved on in recovery, and allies of the recovery community. 

The organization’s function is to plan social opportunities for students to connect without the presence of alcohol or drugs or others who are under the influence of these substances.  In addition, the organization will raise awareness among the university community about recovery to help connect other students with the overall Collegiate Recovery Community program through Student Health and Wellness.