Digital Audio Production Header
Digital Audio Production is Iowa State's premier audio production organization with the aims to indulge in audio technology and audio/music production. This organization utilizes the powerhouses known as Digital Audio Workstations and their respective components to create, enhance, and inspire passions and future careers of audio engineers, music producers, and anyone wishing to learn about audio production. Individual meetings entail social gatherings focused on an educational topic regarding DAWs. Each meeting wishes to both inform and grow members' understanding of audio production while providing a space to meet and cooperate with others whom have the same drive. Just want a community to give feedback for improvement on your own individual projects? This organization is the place to do so! These meetings have no skill ceiling and no skill floor. All members range from those who know absolutely nothing to those with years in the field, providing a vast array of talents and knowledge. Anyone is welcome in Digital Audio Production. While the meetings do have some educational rigor, the heart and soul of the organization lies embedded in the vibrancy of the DAP community. Our aim, when all is said and done, is to embellish a rather daunting craft with vicarious vigor! We welcome you with open arms!