No matter your major, no matter your year, you've probably asked yourself, "I've taken all these English classes. Now what do I do with all I've learned?" The ETHOS Club (English Tutelage and Honing of Skills) is the answer to that question. ETHOS is Iowa State University's revamped English Club. It invites speakers from across campus, the state of Iowa, and beyond, who have leveraged their communication skills, learned in English classes just like yours, to achieve their professional and personal goals. Speakers include industry leaders, innovators, journalists, business owners, professors, and writers. The ETHOS Club is open to ALL students. English Majors will learn how their majors translate into the world of business, industry, academia, and art. Non-Majors will learn how to wield the communication skills learned in ENGL 150 & 250, SpCm 212, and beyond to stand out from other candidates in their fields. ETHOS is a growing club! We plan to offer workshops to help you translate the guidance provided by our excellent speakers into tangible results on your resumes, CVs, cover letters, and interviews. ETHOS is a club built to serve every ISU student. Join today to learn how to make your words work for you!