The education committee desires to create a learning environment that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, effective communication, and personal and civic responsibility. The committee hopes to achieve these goals through educational forums.


The fundraising committee is responsible for providing Freshmen Council with the resources necessary to function smoothly. This is done through holding sales, maintaining business contacts, and soliciting donations.


The philanthropy committee pursues different events that allow Freshmen Council to serve the community. Through events, volunteer activities, and service projects, the philanthropy committee hopes to improve the image of Freshmen Council and the enthusiasm of the freshman class.

Public Relations

The publicity committee will promote all programs sponsored by Freshmen Council. This will be done by creating and distributing a newsletter detailing the events of Freshmen Council and distributing publicity for individual committees. They also help recruit new members to the organization.


The social committee’s goal is to develop and implement social activities for the freshman class and Freshmen Council. This will be done by coordinating full council retreats and events involving both Freshmen Council and the entire freshman class.

Social Justice

The Social Justice committee of Freshmen Council serves the freshman class by introducing and identifying services that foster international and multicultural understanding, awareness, and communication. This committee strives to help freshmen develop networks with diverse backgrounds.

Special Events

The mission of the Special Events Committee is to organize members of Freshmen Council in order to plan and implement large events benefiting the campus and surrounding community.