Improv Comedy Club Header
Are you funny? Do you have quick wits? Has anybody ever smiled at you or near you? If you said yes, no, maybe, or no to any or none of the previously asked questions, then this club is for you! The title says it all. This club is for any and all people who have an interest in improv comedy. In it, you will have fun interacting with other students by partaking in numerous hilarious improv-based games and activities just like the ones you may have seen on "Whose Line is it Anyway." Not only will you be laughing and cracking your favorite jokes whilst confined within a non-judgmental environment, but you will also enhance your communication and social skills in the process. And the best part is, there are absolutely no tryouts! Whether you've never done improv before or you’re an experienced improv master, this club is open to all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. All you've got to do is stop by and give it a try. Hone your skills, and become an improvisational genius!