How to become a member:

Becoming a member of the ISUEA means you are a member of the National Education Association (NEA), specifically, the student program (NEA-SP). As a student member you receive the same amount of coverage and benefits as a teacher member, but at a significantly reduced rate. To learn more about the NEA and what a membership provides, visit To learn more about the NEA-SP, visit

The cost of becoming a member is $25. An NEA student membership costs $20, and the experiences that the ISUEA will provide for you are $5. Once you become an Active Professional/Certified member, meaning you have a teaching job, you can receive a rebate of the money you paid to be a student member by filling out a rebate form.  Your $5 are not included in this rebate because it funds ISUEA events and activities.

To obtain membership, follow this link:

In addition to the above, your $5 should be paid to the ISUEA Executive Board at the first meeting you attend.
Note: You must become a member shortly after attending your first meeting to participate in any other ISUEA events or meetings.


How does ISUEA benefit me?

ISUEA is a campus chapter and is part of the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA), which serves the state of Iowa. ISEA's student program helps smooth the transition from a college campus to a professional classroom by offering member assistance, benefits, and professional resources.  ISEA, in turn, is a part of the National Education Association (NEA), which is the voice for all education professionals.  The main vision of the NEA is to provide a "great public school for every student".

As an education student involved in ISUEA, you can...

Network with other dedicated pre-professional students.
Get your name out in the Ames area and surrounding communities.
Gain experience in both professional development and working with teachers and students in the area that only members can receive.
Work with faculty.
Meet current and future teachers who are passionate about education! 

Additionally, as a member of the NEA (National Education Assoc.), you are...

Insured for up to $1,000,000 in liability. This is paramount for those of you who plan on student teaching or will be taking a class that requires you to buy liability insurance. 
Eligible for discounts not only in Ames, but all across the United States! OfficeMax, Staples, Papa John's, and Sally's Beauty Supplies to name a few.