Organization Name
Anders House
Anthony House (Friley)
Ayres House (Welch)
Barker House (Lyon)
Barton-Lyon-Freeman Hall Council
Bean House (Geoffroy)
Bennett House (Friley Hall)
Bergman House (Welch)
Berry House (Geoffroy)
Beyer House (Welch)
Birch-Welch-Roberts Hall Council
Boyd House (Martin)
Brandt House (Linden)
Brown House (Helser)
Buchanan Hall Association
Busse House (Freeman)
Caine House (Larch)
Campbell House (Martin)
Carpenter House (Helser)
Cassell House (Welch)
Cavazos House (Geoffroy)
Cessna House (Larch)
Chamberlain House (Friley)
Converse House (Friley)
Cranor House (Maple)
Davidson House (Eaton)
Day House (Geoffroy)
Deloria House (Geoffroy)
Devitt House (Linden)
Dodds House (Friley)
Doolittle House (Buchanan)
Durian House (Oak)
Eaton Hall Council
Ebbers House (Geoffroy)
Elwood House (Helser)
Emerson House (Larch)
Errington House (Wallace)
Fairchild House (Roberts)
Firkins House (Helser)
Fleming House (Helser)
Forbes House (Maple)
Fosmark House (Oak)
Franklin House (Roberts)
Friant House (Maple)
Friley Senate
Fuller House (Buchanan)
Fulmer House (Linden)
Geddes House (Geoffroy)
Geoffroy Hall Parliament
Gilman House (Martin)
Godfrey House (Friley)
Greene House (Larch)
Gwynne House (Wilson)
Haber House (Helser)
Hanson House (Larch)
Harriman House (Roberts)
Hartman House (Wallace)
Harwood House (Lyon)
Hayden House (Maple)
Henderson House (Friley)
Hewitt House (Wilson)
Hoyt (Geoffroy)
Hughes House (Eaton)
Hutton House (Friley)
Inter-Residence Hall Association
Johnson House (Wilson)
Jones House (Eaton)
Kehlenbeck House (Larch)
Kilbourne House (Wallace)
Kimball House (Friley)
King House (Oak)
Knapp House (Friley)
Knowles House (Maple)
Kooser House (Geoffroy)
Lamson - Wilson
Lancelot House (Wallace)
Lange House (Birch)
Lantz House (Wallace)
Larch Hall Council
Lawther House (Eaton)
Lincoln House (Friley)
Linden Hall Council
Lindstrom House (Birch)
Livingston House (Helser)
Lorch-Russell House (Friley)
Louden House (Helser)
Lowe House (Friley)
MacDonald House (Helser)
Mack House (Geoffroy)
MacRae House (Buchanan)
Maney House (Buchanan)
Maple Hall Student Government
Martin Hall Council
Mashek House (Wilson)
Massie House (Geoffroy)
Matterson House (Wilson)
McCowen House (Wallace)
McGlade House (Elm)
Memorial Union Hall Council
Merchant House (Elm)
Miller House (Elm)
Mortensen House (Helser)
Murphy House (Friley)
Murray House (Buchanan)
National Residence Hall Honorary
Nelson House (Eaton)
Nielsen House (Wallace)
Niles-Foster House (Friley)
Noble House (Friley)
Nuckolls House (Wallace)
O'Bryan House (Friley)
Oak Elm Hall Council
Otopalik House (Buchanan)
Owens House (Wilson)
Pakistan Student Association
Palmer House (Friley)
Pearson House (Friley)
Pennell House (Friley)
Petersen House (Wallace)
Rambo House (Wallace)
Rawson House (Buchanan)
Raymond House (Martin)
Richey House (Helser)
Robinson (Geoffroy)
Roderuck House (Geoffroy)
Rothacker House (Wilson)
Rowe House (Helser)
Sadler House (Helser)
Schmidt House (Buchanan)
Shilling House (Maple)
Sims House (Oak)
Spinney House (Friley)
Stange House (Friley)
Stanton House (Friley)
Starbuck House (Martin)
Stevenson House (Birch)
Stewart House (Linden)
Tappan House (Barton)
The GreenHouse Group
Tiffany House (Geoffroy)
Tilden House (Eaton)
Turner House (Elm)
United Houses of Helser
United Residents of Off-Campus
Vance House (Buchanan)
Vollmer House (Freeman)
Wallace/Wilson Hall Council
Walls House (Maple)
Webber House (Wilson)
Werkman House (Wilson)
Wolf House (Larch)
Woodrow House (Eaton)
Young House (Maple)