We at the PowerMilk Club enjoy drinking the best drink there is--half chocolate milk, half Powerade/Gatorade. We meet casually at dining centers to drink PowerMilk together, and also host an event each semester. Examples so far have been a PowerMilk Creation Contest and a Blind Taste Test!

You are probably asking, what the h*ck is PowerMilk?

That's a great question, and one that will begin leading you on the path to unlocking a new human experience.

PowerMilk is 50% Powerade (of any flavor), and 50% milk (likewise, of any flavor).


Aha! Here's a photo! This combination is 50% chocolate milk, and 50% red Powerade.

It tastes like the center of a tootsie pop! But don't just believe this random StuOrg page, believe these testimonies:?

"It's definitely one of the drinks of all time."

"It tastes be?tter than it looks!"

"You couldn't pay me enough to try it!"

"Powermilk is just one of those things, yanno? I mean, it's not bad, but its certainly not good either."

"Try it, you may like it. If you do I won't ever talk to you again though."


Now you've really gotta try it, huh?

This club is all about fun, and all about being that kid in the middle school lunch room who makes random combinations just for the sake of it! Join today!



Contact us at powermilkisu@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram at @powermilkisu for updates!