Fall 2019 trip to Duluth, MN

From Left to Right:

Upper Row: Nathan Masters, Logan Clemen, Lauren Brousseau, Kendall Osier, Tyler Liskow, David Lass, Navin Huddle

Lower Row: Joshua Sutherland, Joshua Stoneberg

Current Club Roster

David Lass, President

Lauren Brousseau, Vice President

Nathan Masters, Treasurer

Kendall Osier

Logan Clemen

Joshua Stoneberg

Navin Huddle

Ben Hartley

(Tyler Liskow - Away on Co-op for Spring 2020)


John Shriver - Advisor

Alumni Members

Paul Duncan, '02 Transportation and Logistics
Mike Endres, '02 Transportation and Logistics
Clayton Johanson, '02 Transportation and Logistics
Paul Chleboun, '03 Marketing
Chad Crawford, '05 Civil Engineering
Lee Koehler, '06 Mechanical Engineering
Rob Rusciolelli, '06 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Justin Hardecopf, '07 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Brian Bowman, '08 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Josh Voss, '08 Agricultrual Systems Technology
Jeff Bartels, '08
Ryan Schaufenbuel
Dan Frederick, '08 Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Tony Lessin,  '09 Business Management
Ted Hotvet, '09 Mechanical Engineering
Cliff Cessna, '10 Civil Engineering
Nathan Smith, '10 Speech Communication
Ben Hucker, '11 Civil Engineering
Steve Lavrenz, '11 Civil Engineering, MS
Jeff Von Brown, '11 Transportation, MS
Steve Labedz, '12 Community and Regional Planning, MS
Patrick Johnson, '12 Civil Engineering, '15 Civil Engineering, MS
Jacob Hagan, '14 Civil Engineering
John Herr
Ryan Osmolski, '16 Agricultural Systems Technology
Chris Krebill, '17 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Andrew Busse, '17
Blake Biermann, '17 Agricultural Systems Technology
Ewan Shortess, '18 Supply Chain Management
Connor Friedrichsen, '18 Mechanical Engineering