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This club aims to bring students of like interests together to learn and share knowledge about the various aspects of comic books and to create social connections and networks. Topics that will be discussed will range from memorable comic moments to the history behind the first comic books to the best movie adaptions. No matter what your favorite publisher is, whether its Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image Comics, or any of the others out there, or whether you're new to comics or just like the art styles, we welcome you to come join us.

News & Announcements

April 17, 2019

[Comic Book Club] Social Night

Hello Everyone!


This week is our social night! We’ll be watching a movie/tv show and playing games and the likes. Please feel free to drop on by and say hello!


The meeting will be on Thursday, April 18, at 6PM in Carver 0190! We look forward to seeing you there!


President V

April 11, 2019

[Comic Book Club] The Infinity Gauntlet

Hello everyone!

There is a meeting today; sorry about the late update, I've been having some technical problems. As usual we will be meeting in Carver 0190 @ 6PM. In this week's meeting we will be discussing the Infinity Gauntlet story line and how it compares to Marvel's current Infinity War/Endgame movies.

Have a great day,

Veronica Morenas

April 1, 2019

[Comic Book Club] Marvels of Comics

Hello Everyone!


We will be having a meeting this week! We’ll be discussing the Marvels of Comics! Did you know that Shazam was originally named Captain Marvel as well? Did you know that Carol Danvers was originally Ms Marvel? In this week we will be discussing the history of the Captain Marvels of comics as well as the characters who have held the title.


We will also be discussing a possible social night for the month of April, so if you have any suggestions or have specific dates that work/don’t work please let me know, either at the meeting or via email.


Lastly, Shazam! will be hitting theaters this Thursday and Avengers: Endgame tickets are now on sale!


The meeting will be on Thursday, April 4, at 6PM in Carver 0190! We look forward to seeing you there!


President V


(“Echos of Shazam”, Alex Ross)