Marathi Mandal



Marathi Mandal is a non-profit organization at Iowa State University. The goal of Marathi Mandal is to introduce Maharashtrian Culture to the already diverse Iowa State University community. Maharashtra is a state in India with a rich cultural heritage. We celebrate Marathi festivals and various events showcasing Marathi Culture like traditional Marathi song, dance, theatre etc. We organize various discussions and lectures regarding Marathi culture like literature, current events etc. This is a great chance for people from other states and other countries to learn about Maharashtrian culture. We also have Marathi food nights (pot-luck) where people make Marathi food and we all come together and eat. We also collaborate with other student organizations like Sankalp and Indian Student Association to help them in their events.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

File Constitution1.docx
Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 6
ISU Members 4
Non-ISU Members 3
Allowed Members Students, Spouses, Non-students, Professors, Lecturers
Allowed Officers Students, Spouses
Membership Qualifications There are no qualifications necessary for holding any officer post or member.
Membership Restrictions If a student wishes to be an officer, the constitution outlines the minimum academic requirements he/she needs to complete.
Elections/Selection Elections will occur every year on May 1 (Maharashtra Day) where the Marathi Mandal members will elect then new officers ffor a period of 1 year.
Meetings Monthly meetings will be held on a time suitable to most members to discuss plans for the upcoming month.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Monthly meetings will be held to discuss activities of the next month. Time and date of the meeting will be decided in the previous meeting depening on when majority of members can make it. These meetings will be held to discuss the logistics of any event which needs to be planned in the next month. The officers will meet once a month to discuss how the organization is progressing. Special meetings will be held in case an event requires more than one meeting a month. In that case, the President will organize the meeting at time and place suitable for majority of members. Every month, we will have one Marathi pot-luck, open to everyone on campus. This will be a great place to try some interesting new Marathi food.

Description of Special Events

Special events will include Marathi Festivals and cultural events. In order to plan for celebrating a Marathi festival, special meeting, outside of the monthly meeting, will be organized by the President and the Treasurer. Types of special events which the organization will hold : 1. Book discussions 2. Marathi Festivals 3. Cultural events : Marathi Singing, Dancing, Theatre etc. 4. Debates and discussions about Marathi culture and current events