Human Sciences Week (HSW) was created to celebrate the College of Human Sciences. The goals of the week are to showcase the CHS academic programs, bringing together the interdisciplinary departments and majors, as well as provide students the opportunity to engage with faculty, alumni, and the campus community in social, philanthropic, and professional contexts.


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Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 14
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members One type of non-officer membership exists within Human Sciences Week. There are Human Sciences Week Ambassadors. Membership shall be open to all registered Human Sciences students at Iowa State University. Requirements include an application and – in m
Allowed Officers Officer positions operate on a yearly rotating basis.
Membership Qualifications The officers of Human Sciences Week must meet the following requirements: (i) Have a minimum cumulative grade point ratio (GPA) as stated below and meet that minimum GPA in the semester immediately prior to the election/appointment, the semester of election/appointment and semesters during the term of office. For undergraduate, graduate and professional students, the minimum GPA is 2.00. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (half-time credits) must have been taken for the semester under consideration. (ii) Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time (six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and at least half time (four or more credits), if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office. (iii) Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (i) and (ii).
Membership Restrictions It is preferred that NO executive committee member be on internship that requires them to live outside of Ames.
Elections/Selection All officer positions will be determined by an application and interview process. Officers shall be elected annually. Applications will be solicited broadly from the College of Human Sciences and specifically from other Human Sciences leadership organizations and existing members. Interviews will take place in January of the second semester of term.
Meetings Biweekly meetings are determined by the Student Leadership Team at the beginning of the Spring semester. Weekly meetings are determined by the Student Leadership Team at the beginning of the fall semester.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Executive committee meetings will take place regularly, upon selection of Exec, and be facilitated by the General Co-Chairs.

Description of Special Events

The primary activity of the Human Sciences Week is to plan and implement Human Sciences Week, the yearly celebration of the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University. Fall events include: i. Celebrate CHS! - Monday kickoff of HSW offerings - HSW16 included free fruit and a pizza lunch ii. Lunch & Learns - Hosted by CHS clubs on special topics - Students pre-register to fill spaces and secure food numbers - Free lunch provided (sandwiches from Subway) iii. Food & Fun Fest - Human Sciences clubs, councils, and departments table for their respective groups - The College will provide an entree and tabling can choose toprovide a sides to be purchased with tickets or punch cards - The theme for HSW17 FFF is ISU Tailgate - Students can sign up for a Bags Tournament iv. BBQ Philanthropy - Students bring a monetary donation to United Way of Story County to participate in Hickory Park BBQ meal v. Alumni Engagement - Alumni dinner social with and HS club presidents and student sensations (sent by special invitation) - Potential for swing dancing partnership with ISU Ballroom - Joan Bice Underwood Tea Room could host