The Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) chapter at ISU is part of the international Cellular Agriculture Society that aims to bring together individuals interested in the emerging field of cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture is an interdisciplinary branch of science that utilizes tissue-engineering, bio engineering, and synthetic biology to produce agriculture products such as milk, meat, eggs and leather by growing the desired cells in a nutrient rich media and eventually bioreactors, instead of harvesting them from animals. In CAS we explore and discuss the current research, education, and internships ongoing in the field of cellular agriculture and companies that use cellular agriculture. We provide an opportunity for members to meet with the leading researchers and innovators in the field through our annual trip to the New Harvest Conference (conference location varies each year). Cellular agriculture encompasses a wide array of disciplinary topics including research, funding, regulation, ethics, environmental concerns, advocacy and health so we encourage students of all majors and backgrounds to join.