The Wilson Chapter

The Wilson Chapter at Iowa State University became the eleventh Alpha Zeta chapter when chartered on November 27, 1905. The chapter was organized, sponsored and installed by men from other chapters. These professors were: W. H. Stevenson, W. J. Kennedy of Morrow Chapter (University of Illinois); M. F. Miller (University of Missouri) was the installing officer. Assisting were I. O. Schaub of Morrow Chapter (University of Illinois), V. R. Gardner of Kedzie (Michigan Agricultural College), A. H. Snyder of Townshend (Ohio State University), and P. A. Campbell of Granite (New Hampshire A&M College).  

The Charter Members Were...

William H. Pew
Bruce W. Crossley
Don E. Fish
Harry O. Buchman
Richard C. Kibbey
Edward N. Wentworth
D. Howard Biller
Orval A. Cohagen
Walter E. Packard
Carl A. Kupfer

The chapter was called Wilson Chapter in honor of the first Professor of Agriculture and the first Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station at the Iowa Agricultural College, James 'Tama Jim' Wilson, living in Farm House. He served the college from 1890-1897, when he was appointed Secretary of Agriculture by President William McKinley. Under 'Tama Jim's" able leadership, the US Department of Agriculture was reorganized and expanded. He was very popular, as well, and continued to serve 13 years under Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as well, a record still held. He retired in 1913 and returned to Iowa. In 1913, he was initiated as an honorary member into the Wilson Chapter.

Eligibility to Wilson Chapter requires candidates to be in the upper one-fifth of their class and to be classified as at least a sophomore in a regular four-year curriculum. The candidate must be high in scholarship and possess qualities of good moral character and leadership. Selection is also based on the qualities of leadership, and on activities in that segment of agriculture of most interest to the individual. These would include activities in the various organizations of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.