Tango Social Club promotes community and the opportunity to learn and practice Argentine Tango through introduction, guided practice, and social dancing. The Tango Social Club is composed of students and members of the ISU community who wish to share their enthusiasm for the art and culture of Argentine Tango.

News & Announcements

April 9, 2018

New Social Tango Club

Why tango?

  • Dancing tango contributes to your happiness, awakens your senses, and enhances your positive outlook on life.
  • Tango shows a way to learn about your own body and appreciate it. 
  • Tango offers you an opportunity to meet new people.
  • If you are new to music and dancing, tango opens ways for your self-expression.  If you involved with other dances, tango will improve your skills.
  • Tango improves your lifestyle. 
  • Tango is like a magic castle with many secret halls and gardens: every learning step opens a new door that leads to yet another discovery on the endless path of surprises.
  • Tango offers a lifetime of satisfaction. Everyone starts as a beginner. There are no judges. And you can dance your whole life!