What Does Business Council Do?

We are the student council that acts as a liaison between Iowa State University College of Business faculty/staff members and College of Business students in order to create a professional and inviting environment. We represent the College of Business at certain college and university functions, such as Destination Iowa State, Experience Iowa State, Homecoming, etc. Business Council acts as an overarching resource in the College of Business for the College’s other student organizations by allocating funds and helping connect those other organizations through club collaborations. We also serve as a liaison between these student organizations and the Undergraduate Programs Office and Dean’s Office. Business Council provides assistance in the betterment of the College of Business students academically, as well as professionally, and aims to improve the experience of the students in the College of Business overall. Our members are dedicated to making new students feel more comfortable on campus and in the College of Business community by hosting a New Student Welcome, College of Business ClubFest and helping students with their 4-year plan through peer advising.