2018 Inductees





Amanda Anderson Animal Science
Riley Arthur Agricultural Business and Economics
Michael Barr Agricultural Business and Economics
Aubree Beenken Animal Science and Agriculture and Society
Alex Brand Agricultural Business
Collin Coffey Accounting, Finance and International Business
Alexa Cross Apparel Merhandising and Business
Casey Cunningham FInance and Accounting
Jacob Dean Supply Chain Managment and Business Management
Mikayla Dolch Agricultural Education and International Agriculture
Callen Duffy Agricultural Business and Finance
Julia Edlesfson Agronomy
Tristen Fulton Animal Science
Jacke Fusco Animal Science - Pre Vet
Richard Gardner Kinesiology and Health
Samuel Gerrard Animal Science
Logan Gross Aerospace Engineering
Margaret Grubb Mechanical Engineering
Emily Hammer Marketing and Management
Blake Heitman Marketing and Management
Sarah Heuschele Statistics and Finance
Shana Hudson Biology
Brianna Jones Animal Science - Pre Vet
Benjamin Kelly Agricultural Business and Economics
Jennifer Klodt Accounting
John Kofmehl Finance and Management
Hunter Kuta Finance and Management
Justin Lagormarcino Mechanical Engineering
Zoe Lambert Kinesiology and Health
John Lavey Chemical Engineering
Christian Mahneke Civil Engineering
Mallory Majors Kinesiology and Health
Chris Mandt Animal Science and Economics
Macy Marek Agricultural Education
Carlye Marshall Kinesiology and Health - Pre Med
Zoey Mauck Landscape Architecture, Community and Regional Planning
Olivia Meier Nutritional Science
Joshua Miller Elementary Education
Rebecca Mixan Elementary Education
Scott Moss Finance
Megan Muller Kinesiology and Health
Kaitlyn Murphy Biology
Paulina Padron Animal Science
Jason Parnell Aerospace Engineering and Economics
Cody Pearson Agricultural Business
Thomas Peterson Mechanical Engineering
Alana Platte Global Resource Systems and Nutritional Science
Alex Pringnitz Elementary Education
Nathan Roby Chemical Engineering
Aimee Rodin Mathematics
Olivia Schaaf Microbiology
Madison Schwenneker Communications Studies
Saniya Shetty Chemical Engineering
Zoey Shipley Political Science
Kaylee Short Psychology
Rebekah Sletten Agricultural Business and International Agriculture
Mikayla Spaulding Aerospace Engineering
Kylee Stitz Biology
Shakira Stowers Animal Ecology
Matt Tjaden Finance and International Business
Caleb Townsend Kinesiology and Health
Rebekah Trost Kinesiology and Health
Megan Tucker Civil Engineering
Laura Valderrama Figuera Biology
Nolan Vollstedt Chemical Engineering
Cole Wesselman Biology
Tim White Management
Evan Wieczorek Aerospace Engineering
Riley Wilgenbusch Agronomy and Genetics
Thomas Wilgenbusch Animal Science
Payton Wise Animal Science and Spanish
Zach Woodbeck Industial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Taylor Young Kinesiology and Health