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An educational and social discussion group for people interested in alternative sexuality such as BDSM, fetishes and other expressions of safe, consensual and non-exploitive human sexuality.

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August 19, 2017

Cuffs August/September Meeting Topics

Here is the tentative meeting schedule for August and September. All meetings are in room #3512 of the Memorial Union @ 7:00 PM.

8/31 - Bondage on a budget! Learn some cheap ways to dip your toes into the world of bondage. This will be a fun topic for existing subscribers and members to get involved with the club before are official kickoff.

9/7 - Kickoff/Welcome/The 5 W's. Learn the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of BDSM. This is the best place to start off with the club!

9/14 - Staying Healthy/Negotiating boundaries. This discussion will go in depth on negotiating play, the importance of safewords, and aftercare. Everything you need to know, to keep it safe, sane, and consensual. 

9/21 - Dominant/Submissive dynamics. Explore the various forms of the dominant and submissive in BDSM play. CG/l, master/slave, and everything in between!

9/28 - Sensations. Sensation play is a cornerstone of BDSM play. Learn the difference between "good" and "bad" pain, find out the shocking truth about electric play, get the hot scoop on wax play, and much more. 

I'm looking forward to starting this semester off fresh with plenty of new and returning faces. If you haven't come to a meeting in awhile, or you're thinking about joining us for your first time, now is the best time to dive in!


September 18, 2017

Weekly Meeting and a special announcement.

This week our meeting will focus on different forms of the Dominant and Submissive in Kink. Due to conflicts with night exams, I will be handing the reigns for the meeting over to our Vice President, Sam. This will be the 3rd of our broad, introductory topics. We will be lining up the rest of the meeting topics soon, so please bring any suggestions for topics or feedback you may have. 

In other news. Mary Khan, who you may have met at our last meeting, has asked me to pass this message along. 

" I want to hear from students that have any thoughts on my loose idea of expressing oneself sexually and mental health. I'm looking for personal stories, individual's general thoughts on the subject, and any relevant articles and research.

I want to make this work for you. I would love to meet face-to-face over coffee, but if you just want to shoot me some thoughts or send me some links through the webs, PLEASE DO SO.

I totally recognize I may have some assumptions rooted in my own perspective and experiences, but I try to suspend them and I want to hear from others to educate myself and broaden my view. PLEASE HELP ME!
*If, upon reading this, you think you have something for me, take a moment and contact me right now. Do it before you forget!* "

If anyone would like to share something with Mary, please contact her at her email address (khanmaa@iastate.edu). 

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