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An educational and social discussion group for people interested in alternative sexuality such as BDSM, fetishes and other expressions of safe, consensual and non-exploitive human sexuality.

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August 28, 2018

F2018 Meeting Dates

Most meetings will be held at 6:00 PM in the Memorial Union Rm 3558, except as noted. 

Future topics will be decided once we receive feedback and suggestions from current members.

8/29/2018: Sensory Experience

9/12/2018: Fist meeting after clubfest! Mythbusting, Password, and New Member Q&A

9/26/2018: Prep and Aftercare

10/3/2018: Member Requests! (Various topics too small to take on their own meeting) (Carver Hall 232)

10/10/2018: BDSM on a Budget

10/17/2018: Long Distance kink Relationships (Carver Hall 232)

10/24/2018: Roles (Dom/sub dynamics, CGL, Roleplay, and more!)

10/31/2018: Halloween Hangout (Carver Hall 232)

11/7/2018: Headspace, Rituals, and Subdrop.

11/14/2018: Rope Bondage Basics (Carver Hall 232)

11/28/2018: TBD

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