We here at GDC have big plans for you. Huge, monstrous plans that the executives, mere mortals that they are, cannot do alone. To keep GDC growing and making great games, we enlist the help of Chairs that take on club responsibilities. Sometimes these chairs have their own responsibilities, and other times they lead committees that are in charge of multiple responsibilities. Either way, they're crucial to our club and we need them to survive.


Chair (/CHer/ noun)

  1. A person in charge of set responsibilities for the club
Chairs Holder Responsibilities


Keeps their finger on the pulse of our creative-type members. These include artists, musicians, writers, and anyone doing something that doesn't fall into the technical part of game design and development. Organizes creative-type workshops and works to reach out to other creative-type clubs in order to foster inter-club activities. Organizes the designs behind the t-shirts and posters.


Hosts the weekly stream. Also keeps track of the streaming schedule, as well as keeps track of members interested in joining the stream.
Fundraising   Their primary goal is to find ways to raise money for our club in order to make t-shirts, attend conferences, and bring in bigger speakers, just to name a few ideas.
Outreach   In charge of making sure our campus knows about our wonderful club. Includes making promotional posts on social media and reaching out to the student body and other student organizations.
Technology   Makes sure that we have any equipment we might need for any event, major or minor, that our club hosts. Examples include checking out recording equipment to record and stream our meetings, or checking out a camera for any photo ops we might have during the year.


Are you interested in filling one of the chairs? We want you to! Go ahead and email us at and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.