The purpose of Ball is Life is to facilitate under-privileged kids in the Ames community in playing youth sports. We collect new and gently used athletic gear as well as funds for registering by the use of fundraisers with local businesses. We also renovate and volunteer at youth sporting events such as baseball tournaments, basketball tournaments, volleyball tournaments, youth football games, or any other sport of a members choosing. Renovations include mending broken equipment, cleaning fields or concession stands, re-painting facilities, or any other projects needed by community sports associations. Other community involvement includes volunteering at concession stands. Growing up as youth in a fairly privileged home, the cost of sports can be an afterthought. Being worried about how you play and when your next practice is can cause one never to think about how other kids may be playing at the local park with broken gear because they could not afford an organized league or the equipment needed. It is a common misconception that youth sports are all-inclusive. The cost of participation can include registration fees, equipment, clothing, uniforms, and other necessities that are not provided. Also, upkeep of fields can be extremely difficult for organizations to fund. We collect balls and other miscellaneous new/gently used athletic equipment to donate to players in need. Along with equipment, we work to pay registration fees for families that could not otherwise afford it. We work with local businesses and partners for funding our donations. We also volunteer time for maintenance and tournaments of local youth organizations. Overall, the club will work to make as big of an impact on the Ames’s community youth sports as possible.