ITec Activities

A.T.M.A.E. (Association of Technology, Managment, and Applied Engineering): A Robotics Competition Team goes to the show each year and competes in different skills with a robot.

Waterjet Bottleopeners: Learn how to make fancy bottle openers with the Industrial Technology logo on the Waterjet!

Technology Industry Night: Once a semester companies visit and give the opportunity for you to obtain internships, co-ops, and full time jobs. 

Fundraising for future club events: We have organized different events such as Chamness yard waste pickup, and also restaurant fundraising.

Outreach: Educating high school and junior high students and communities about the Major and what is so great about Industrial Technology

- Team Building: During meetings we work on team building exercises such as Rube Goldberg machines, Spaghetti challenge and Solar panel kits



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