The GNU/Linux club was formed to bolster student knowledge in regards to Unix based operating systems for Com S, SE, Cpr E, BcBio, and any other student in a computational field. The club is directed toward students with an interest in GNU/Linux and its practical application for personal and enterprise use. Unix and its derivatives are easily accessible online, being free for use, modification, and redistribution to anybody having the desire to learn. The club welcomes members of all skill levels, encouraging beginners and veterans alike to collaboratively promote GNU/Linux use at Iowa State.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

File REVISED1ConstitutionoftheGNU2FLinuxClubISU.pdf
Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 58
ISU Members 1
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Infinite
Allowed Officers TBD
Membership Qualifications There is not a prerequisite for membership. ISU students in a field related to computers and open source software are encouraged to join. Officers/Leadership must maintain a GPA of 2.00 or above.
Membership Restrictions Members must follow ISU policies.
Elections/Selection Elections will be held every semester, with emails being sent to members and decisions being made by majority vote.
Meetings Contact

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Weekly meetings at a regularly scheduled time will occur fit with an agenda presenting a new topic / activity intended to be explored by all members. Essential skills such as compiling from source, locating dependencies, i/o, and command line utilities will be integrated into weekly agendas. Members will be encouraged to then discuss and interact with presented material and find more uses past what is presented.

Description of Special Events

The GNU/Linux club maintains an official operating system, Chris OS, and will present projects for groups of members to contribute toward as essential skills are learned. Additionally the club will provide more information and collaborative opportunities regarding Iowa State's cyber defense competition, often hosting in a Unix environment.