Python Development Club

The Python Development Club was formed with the intention of filling a gap in the Com S, SE curriculum. Primarily directed at students with interest in coding, and particularly web application design, this club aims to provide a much needed education with Python Development. Sometimes considered the Grand Piano of programming languages, it isn't hard to believe that Google's search engine was largely designed around Python web crawler scripts. Primarily due to it's simple syntax, and industrious implementations, Python is a core language for other large companies including DropBox, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp, Reddit, and Mozilla. As a member of this club you will learn about the various implementations of Python, how to use it for Android development, Web Development, Database management, searching the web, and much more.

Club Meeting Times:

We meet every week in Coover 1012 from 6-7pm.

News & Announcements

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