The purpose of Racquetball Club is to bring ISU students and faculty together to play Racquetball. Members from beginner to advanced will play friendly competitions, practice, observe, or simply socialize during meetings.

News & Announcements

April 16, 2019

Practice Reminder

Hello Everyone! 

Hopefully by now you have caught on to the fact that we have practice every Tuesday and Thursday at Lied from 7-9pm! Just incase, now you know! I know the semester is getting busy but I hope to see all of you this week at our practices! 

Looking forward the Racquetball Club hopes to become an official sports club through Iowa State. Nothing is official yet but we plan to go through the application process! Either way starting next semester, we hope to have a traveling team and a practice team. Nothing else will look different! If you would like to be on the traveling team please reach out to me! This is not skill based, but dedication based! If you want to be on this team you must be willing to come to at least 1 practice a week MINIMUM! 

Also if you are no longer interested in being a part of Racquetball Club I need to know! To be frank, if you are signed up and never show up you are hurting others opportunities to participate in certain events and it makes it harder on us.


Taylor Shaw