U4Uganda at Iowa State University helps to promote education in Uganda by raising money to build desks in Uganda through the charity U4Uganda. Our philosophy is by getting the children off of the dirt floors and into desks education is improved. That statement may seem like a long shot, but it is true. Desks have already been put into a few schools and the results are astounding. Children are more attentive in school and show up much more often, showing that education is improved. In addition to education, multiple other aspects of Uganda society will be positively affected. First of all, desks built by Ugandan people will stimulate the economy. Logging for the wood, labor costs, and transportation are some of many economic sectors being stimulated. In addition to this, education brings a plethora of positive aspects towards a better life. Educated people are more successful, therefore making it easier to provide for their families, inventing and creating tools which help their towns in dire needs, and have increased productivity in farming and in other sectors of work. All of this is because desks were made to help children learn. None of this can happen though without money, which is where U4Uganda at Iowa State University comes into place. Each year, U4Uganda at Iowa State University raises money through a variety of fundraisers, so that we can support education in Uganda and help make the world a better place!