Web Development Club

The purpose of the Web Development Club is as follows: 1) To promote learning and professional growth in the field of web development. 2) To establish a network of like-minded individuals who want to pursue web development. 3) To give back to the Iowa State University community and local community by offering web development services to students, faculty, and clubs and organizations. 4) To give back to the greater web development community by writing and posting public code libraries, extensions, plugins, etc.

News & Announcements

September 24, 2017

Next Meeting

Hey Everyone,

For our meeting this week (9/24), Ensoft, a software company located here in Ames, will be doing a talk. They will be talking about how their organization uses Git for their development and will give tips on how to succeed in interviews with them.

We will therefore only be having one meeting, at Coover 1012. Do not go to Howe 1246. We will come back to the ASP.NET and CSS lectures next week.

See you all soon. Thanks.

September 17, 2017

Second Meeting

Hello Everyone!

This is Lee. I hope your weekend was fun. Tomorrow will be our second meeting of the semester. We will get started actually working on the core of the club: web development. For those of you who are less experienced or perhaps want a refresher on the basics, Gabriel, our VP, will be doing an introduction to HTML lecture in our normal meeting spot in Coover 1012. This will be focused on helping members who want to learn how to build their first website. For those of you who have had experience making a website before, I will be hosting a workshop on ASP.NET in Howe 1246 at the normal time that our club meets. Workshops may take multiple meetings and are meant for those who feel they have plenty of experience with web development to get to learn a new topic. The cabinet noticed that based on the survey we had everyone complete that no one really knew ASP.NET so we decided to cover it first. 

Thanks for your time.

September 10, 2017

First Meeting of the Semester

Hello Everyone!

I'm Lee, the President of the Web Development Club. Many of you have met me at Clubfest or the Scholar's Fair this week. I'd like to welcome you all to our club for this semester. We will have our first meeting this Monday, 9/11, in Coover 1012 from  6 pm to 7 pm; the typical meeting time and room for the semester. This will just be an in introduction meeting but we'd like if everyone brings a device to access the internet. There'll be cookies and chips and some card games.

Thanks for your time. See you all soon.

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