Coaching an FLL Jr. team is an adventure! As a coach, you will guide kindergarten-3rd graders through the engineering design process (more than likely for the first time) as they learn about a specific theme. They create a poster demonstrating their learnings, build a motorized LEGO model, learn basic block programming, and discover how to work together as a team. No previous or technical experience required! FIRST provides coaches with a teacher’s guide to walk the children through activities and helps if you do not have previous/technical experience.

Meeker FLL Jr.

Meeker Elementary School has three FLL Jr. teams. They meet once per week from 6:00-7:00 pm at Meeker Elementary School (300 20th St, Ames, IA 50010). CyRide number 1 Red East goes to Meeker (request a stop at Duff and ONeil). It leaves the stop by Friley Hall at 5:16, 5:31, and 5:46.


For contact information for local FLL Jr. teams, email