5 Tips to Taking Your Best Selfie

Make your Instagram become celebrity-selfie worthy.

Written by Anna Hutsell

Photo: Marena Wallschlaeger; Stylist: Jamie Wittman; Model: Nicole Bonjour


Do you ever look through Instagram and wonder how do celebrities’ selfies turn out so glamorous and yours look you’re not even wearing makeup? Well, read on and learn how to achieve your best selfie.


1. It’s all about lighting

Whether you prefer to take serious, duck face or goofy, the most important thing you will need while taking a selfie is good lighting. Always remember fluorescent lights are the enemy. “The Kim Kardashian Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie,” written by Lauren Valenti, shares that it’s important to know how to counteract unflattering low light. One trick she recommends: hold a white napkin or paper towel near your face to neutralize the flash of your camera.


2. Work your angles

For a flattering way to revamp a selfie, tilt your head at an angle. Sometimes when you take a selfie straight on, you may not capture your best features. Tilting the camera helps highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes appear bigger.


3. Get an app

Use an app to help perfect your picture. Through beauty apps, you can use multiple settings to enhance your face. These apps cover blemishes, help brighten your smile and make your eyes appear brighter. Popular beauty apps include: "Beauty 365," "BeautyPlus," and "Photo Wonder."


4. Camera placement

Holding the camera at the same level as your face can increase the risk of double chins, so try holding the camera above your head with your chin down. This balances your features and helps show off your adorable outfit.


5. Have fun

You don’t always need to have the classic smiling selfies or duck faces, you can make any face you want. So be yourself, because when you’re having fun, it shows! And who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to let loose too.