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Youth Sports Outreach aims to facilitate underprivileged students in Ames and surrounding communities in playing youth sports. We volunteer at local or surrounding city schools throughout the week. During this time, Iowa State students organize and play sports with the students at the schools after school care programs. We also obtain funds through fundraisers with local businesses and YSO events as well as collect new and gently used athletic gear to later distribute to a local organization of the clubs choosing.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 15
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Any ISU student
Allowed Officers Any ISU student in good standing
Membership Qualifications Every officer of Youth Sports Outreach should be able to give their very best to make the organization better than when they entered. Each officer should be able to manage their time, enjoy athletics, and like to give back to the community.
Membership Restrictions a) Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time (six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and at least half time (four or more credits), if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office b) Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) as stated below and meet that minimum GPA in the semester immediately prior to the election/appointment, the semester of election/appointment and semesters during the term of office. For undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, the minimum GPA is 2.00. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (half-time credits) must have been taken for the semester under consideration c) Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b)
Elections/Selection a) Elections a. Any member of Youth Sports Outreach is eligible for office if they meet the requirements presented in Section V b. Elections will take place in September, during the first weeks of the semester c. Officer candidates will present a short speech as to why they wish to hold the position. If requested by voting members, candidates may be asked questions and may respond to responses by other members running d. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot and a simple majority vote of the members present e. Re-election of officers is possible b) Term of Service a. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Activities Chair, shall serve from the fall semester until the start of the next fall semester each year
Meetings Meetings will be held one to two times a month and will alternate between formal and informal style meetings. There will also be special events that will occur throughout the semester

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Regular mettings consist of two types. One type is a formal style meeting in a building on campus to be determined. These meetings will involve voting, information on organization news, and any other business of the organization. The second kind of meeting is an informal, athletics based style. Members play sports like kickball as well as discuss upcoming organization events.

Description of Special Events

Special events include but are not limited to volunteering at youth athletics tournaments, fixing athletic complexes, equipment handouts, and fundraising events. These events will take place throughout the semester and are the largest focus of the organization.
Hoops for Kids: Come join us for our double elimination 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Sunday, November 10 at Lied Recreation Center. All proceeds will go to the YSS teens club. All teams receive t-shirts and the top 3 teams of the day win prizes. To sign up for Hoops for Kids, visit