Special Interest


The Antique Tractor Club at ISU is a club designed for students with an interest in antique farm equipment. The club works on restoring one antique tractor per year. The club meets once or twice every week for two hours off campus and works on the tractor restoration project. Several trips to antique tractor collections are taken during the year. Every month we have one classroom meeting where discussion of events and business take place.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 11
ISU Members 0
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members NA
Allowed Officers 10
Membership Qualifications All majors and years are accepted.
Membership Restrictions NA
Elections/Selection Elections are held yearly at the end of the Spring Semester.
Meetings Shop nights are held on Monday and Thursday nights. Business meetings are held to discuss relevant club information throughout the year.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Our business meetings are conducted to talk about the progress of the restoration and what needs to get accomplished to make certain deadlines. The club meets in our shop 1 to 2 nights a week to work on disassembling and restoring the antique tractor

Description of Special Events

The club takes one fall trip where we tour a tractor collection or an Ag based business that pertains to most of our majors. We also take a spring trip at the end of the year where we usually leave on a Friday and come back on a Saturday. We have been to several places such as the Keller Collection in Wisconsin, the Jon Kinzenbaw Collection, Farmall Land, the Charles City Museum, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.