Academic - Human Sciences


The purpose of the organization shall be to aid all members by:Complementing the academic program by providing professional development opportunities such as the research symposium, assisting in recruitment efforts for prospective students and providing for orientation for new students, organizing graduation celebration to recognize outgoing membership, serve as a liaison between students and faculty/administration, and promote morale through social programs and volunteer opportunities.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

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Tier Student Organization - Affiliated

Membership Information

Student Members 17
ISU Members 6
Non-ISU Members 0
Allowed Members Student Affairs Master's Candidates
Allowed Officers 5 positions available
Membership Qualifications Enrolled student in the Higher Education--Student Affairs program
Membership Restrictions N/A
Elections/Selection Elections are held in October of each academic year with nominees coming from the first year cohort. Elected officials will assume office on January 1 of each calendar year.
Meetings One town hall meeting is held each semester to update members. Special meetings are called by I-Days Planning Committee and SOE faculty/staff.

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

Town hall meetings are scheduled once a semester.

Description of Special Events

Special town hall meetings may be called by SOE faculty and staff (i.e., curriculum update)