The purpose of this organization is to connect students and members of Collegiate Presbyterian Church during the student's’ time at ISU. We are a religious organization that seeks to be a place of worship, learning, and fellowship between students and other members of Collegiate Presbyterian Church. Collegiate Presbyterian Church is an affiliation of the Presbyterian Church USA. We provide weekly worship services, Bible Studies, and free meals to students. We also participate in other fellowship events monthly.


This organization has no affiliations.

Constitution / Tier

Tier Student Organization - Registered

Membership Information

Student Members 5
ISU Members 1
Non-ISU Members 1
Allowed Members Any student of Iowa State University
Allowed Officers Student Leaders at Collegiate Presbyterian Church
Membership Qualifications Student Leader at Collegiate Presbyterian Church
Membership Restrictions The officers of this organization must meet the following requirements: (a) Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time (six or more credit hours), if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and at least half time (four or more credits), if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office. (b) Have a minimum cumulative grade point average as stated below and meet that minimum GPA in the semester immediately prior to the election/appointment, the semester of election/appointment and semesters during the term of office. For undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, the minimum GPA is 2.05. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (half-time credits) must have been taken for the semester under consideration. (c) Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b).
Elections/Selection Office must be held by student leader with the position voted upon by members of The Vine at Collegiate Presbyterian Church
Meetings Wednesday's at 5:30 PM Sunday's at 9:30 AM

Description of Regular Meetings/Activities

The Vine at Collegiate Presbyterian Church meets on a weekly basis including Sunday’s after church, Wednesday’s during bible study, and various other times during the week. Meetings will be held in the Westgate Student Center at Collegiate Presbyterian Church, which is free for student use between the hours of Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Description of Special Events

Spring Break Mission Trip -Decided upon by student leaders and sign up begins in December
Finals Week Activities -Giant and Messy Games -Coloring -Movies -Semester Birthday Celebration
Community Service Opportunities -CROP Walk -Christmas Caroling
Tour of Ames Restaurants -Visit a new local restaurant monthly with The Vine and see what Ames has to offer
WOW (Worship On Wednesday) -Begins at 5:30 in Helser Chapel at Collegiate Presbyterian Church
Wednesday Night Movie Bible Study -Begins a 6:45 in the Westgate Center at Collegiate Presbyterian Church -Study faith related themes in popular movies (i.e. Harry Potter, Avengers, Star Wars, Bruce Almighty, etc.)